Gut bacteria

Looking for pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women to participate in our IBS brain-gut-microbiome study!
To participate you must:

  • Be aged 18-70
  • Not on birth control (only exception is paragard IUD)
  • Not pregnant or breast feeding
  • No significant psychological or health conditions
  • No permanent retainers

Study Visits:

  1. 1 hour zoom visit
  2. 45 minute in-person visit (stool collection and saliva collection)
  3. 3 hour MRI visit (stool collection, saliva collection, blood draw) 

Compensation for the study ranges from $265 to $340. Parking is provided for all appointments.
To participate, please reach out to Regan Cortessis ( expressing interest in our SCORE study. The first step it so complete a 10-15 minute call to assess if you are eligible to participate. In your email please provide your phone number and your availability for the next 5 business days.