Research using a Computer

The Waxman Family Drive Award is a unique award and opportunity intended for trainees (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical fellows) to enable new research ideas and directions. This award intends to “drive” a project toward a better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and dementias. The award will fund up to two projects each for $25,000 for one year. This will enable new experiments and/or methodologies to existing projects or to initiate exploratory studies in a new direction. As examples, it might fund a single cell RNAseq study, or extend a set of observations into a dementia model, allow a bioinformatic analysis or an imaging study. Applications will be reviewed initially by a committee and most are expected to move to the second phase of a presentation in a common symposium. Projects to be funded will be selected after the symposium presentations. A goal for this approach is to spark new directions in dementia research, and to encourage young investigators to pursue difficult problems in Alzheimer’s disease.

Submissions should be two pages that describe the background, significance and approach. There should be a very brief budget. Please include full name, contact email, faculty mentor and department. These are due October 24 and should be submitted to Alex Tran: The symposium and presentations will be December 7 at Luskin, with an open event to all in the neuroscience community.

With questions, please contact Tom Carmichael or Larry Zipursky.