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Teaching at the DGSOM means preparing and inspiring future leaders in health and medicine. This central academic pillar carries numerous rewards, but also numerous challenges that may be compounded in remote learning environments.

Dr. Charles-Shoeman presenting 'Decreased Inflammatory Arthritis in Human Serum Paraoxonase 1 Transgenic Mice'
Dr. Charles-Shoeman presenting 'Decreased Inflammatory Arthritis in Human Serum Paraoxonase 1 Transgenic Mice'

These resources empower faculty to move beyond challenges and make a lasting impact on young physicians, physician-scientists, and researchers.

Entering Teaching

» Policies to review

MD Program Policies →

Resident Policies →

» MD Curriculum Redesign

The UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (UCLA DGSOM) has begun the process to redesign the MD curriculum. Follow us on our progress as we create a new curriculum for a new age. Learn more →

» FERPA for Faculty, Tutorial and Quiz

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student education records. FERPA governs the release of these records maintained by an educational institution and access to these records. Learn more →

» Information for Faculty on Academic Accommodations

It is the role of faculty to facilitate access to classroom accommodations for students enrolled in their courses when they have received a Letter of Accommodation on their behalf.

UCLA Center for Accessible Education →

» Implicit Bias Video Series and Modules

See suggested reading materials, Ted Talk style videos and other resources from the UCLA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office. Learn more →

» Constructive Narrative Feedback

This self-guided module is intended for instructors who give narrative feedback to our students, not just in clinical settings, but also in courses such as Doctoring, Clinical Skills, and PBL, as well as for events such as OSCEs.

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» One-minute preceptor

This self-guided module for clinical educators provides an overview and practical examples of a teaching method to guide preceptor-learner interactions via five microskills. Self-guided module coming soon.

» Writing effective learning objectives

These self-guided modules are intended for faculty and staff responsible for crafting learning goals and learning objectives related to learning outcomes. Self-guided modules coming soon.


Developing as a Medical Educator

» Resident as Teacher

Residents are often called upon to teach various aspects of medical practice to their patients, medical students or other residents. Access modules for the BEST longitudinal residents-as-teachers curriculum, The Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory (CTPI ®) and Resident Teaching Videos here→

» Medical Education Fellowships

There are continuous calls for quality improvement in content, process, and outcomes of medical education across the continuum, from undergraduate training, residency training to Continuing Medical Education (CME). With the goal of continuous improvement of medical education, it is important to have faculty members prepared to take on educational leadership roles to lead these efforts. Learn more →

» ACGME Developing Faculty Competencies in Assessment

UCLA has partnered with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to co-sponsor regional faculty development opportunities dedicated to the needs of academic physicians. This focused three-day course is designed to enhance skills in providing meaningful workplace-based performance assessment and feedback to trainees. Learn more →


DGSOM Educators for Excellence

» Clinical Educators for Excellence

In the academic year 2020-2021, the DGSOM Educators for Excellence will lead the teaching of the practice of medicine while working with small groups of students longitudinally in Clinical Skills 1, Doctoring 1, and Problem-Based Learning. Learn more →

Remote Teaching & Learning

» Remote Teaching Resources

UCLA Health faculty can leverage Zoom—a secure, web-based video conferencing system licensed by UCLA Health—to create virtual learning environments for effective remote teaching. Learn more →

For troubleshooting questions call 310-267-CARE

» DGSOM Teaching Tip Sheets


» UCLA Instructional Resources



Learn at ACGME

Connect with others in the graduate medical education community and access resources related to well-being and assessment.

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