Faculty Members

You redefine what is possible in patient care and biomedical science

DGSOM faculty elucidate biological processes and solve medical mysteries, gaining the insights necessary to heal humankind—one breakthrough at a time. Find the resources you need to fuel research regardless of your career level or line of inquiry.

Seed Grant Program

An effort to promote the assembly of new teams of scientists that are well-positioned to perform innovative, high-impact research and ultimately compete for large team science grants from federal agencies and private foundations. See more →

Keck Foundation Award

To develop a novel strategy for promoting and supporting high-impact biomedical research, the W. M. Keck Foundation made a gift to the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) aimed at supporting junior faculty in the DGSOM and in other schools engaged in biomedical research at UCLA. See more →

Drown Foundation Award

Two years of research support to a promising MD (not MD-PhD) assistant professor who is within her or his first six years as a faculty member.

UCLA Internal Funding Opportunities

Find funding opportunities from across the UCLA and UCLA Health Sciences ecosystem. See more →

K Program

Training program for junior faculty (including clinical instructors) at UCLA and partner institutions. It also provides a K Bridge award for those who applied for a K award and received competitive scores. See more →

R Bridge Award

This is for new investigators who received a competitive score on their first R01 award. See more →

We provide support on research initiation, laboratory set-up, growth of research program, staffing, contract and grant strategy, and regulatory and compliance support. To initiate the process, please contact Laura Benscoter.
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Dean’s Physician-Scientist Leadership Academy

DGSOM’s in-house program to develop holistic leadership competencies of the current and future generations of MD scientists.

Career coaching and counseling

As a junior faculty, you may schedule a 30-min counseling call to discuss your career plans and mentorship needs. For more information, please contact Dr. Pejman Azarmina at Pazarmina@Mednet.ucla.edu for office hours and appointments.