Obtain Lab Coats

Step 1

Option One: Cost Sharing PPE Distribution Program for New Researchers

Campus EH&S distributes Lab Coats and Eye Protection (goggles and glasses) to new researchers, new lab members, and those adding/changing hazardous work. Follow Campus EH&S Laboratory Safety’s Process to take advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Training: Take the Lab Coat and Eye Protection Training Overview and sign off on the Chemical Hygiene Plan (online course on Worksafe).
  2. Contact somsafety@mednet.ucla.edu to obtain and fill out the request survey.
  3. Contact somsafety@mednet.ucla.edu with any additional questions.

Option Two: Purchase Lab Coats and Scrubs at the Health Sciences Store

Browse the ASUCLA Health Sciences Store for information on scrub and lab coat purchase

Email: hsstore@asucla.ucla.edu
Phone: (310) 825-7721
Location: CHS Health Sciences Courtyard

Option Three: Inherit or Borrow Coats

It's perfectly acceptable to share coats, provided the PPE is suitable for the work you'll do, that it fits you well, and that there's enough PPE for everyone to wear when they need it.

Option Four: Free used, left behind coats