Research administration training, education, and support

The UCLA Department of Medicine's Office of Research Administration (DOM ORA) office was created for the purpose of training, educating, and providing support and assistance in all areas of research administration, covering both pre- and post-award components.  DOM ORA is supported by Dr. E. Dale Abel, the Chair of the Department of Medicine, and Yanina Venegas, the Executive Director of the Department of Medicine.  See the Department of Medicine's full Research Administration Organizational Chart.
Our mission is to provide Departmental specific research administrative support to fund managers, managers, research staff and Principal Investigators by:

  • Sharing "best practice" procedures and more efficient ways to approach various research administration tasks.
  • Providing guidance on "how to's" in the form of detailed step-by-step instructions, complete with background information and hints and tips, in the DOM Fund Manager's Manual.
  • Answering questions and troubleshooting various issues.
  • Disseminating information regarding new or updated Agency Sponsor and University policies and procedures in a timely manner.
  • Educating by providing training, both on an individual basis and in group settings.

DOM ORA is comprised of 17 individuals:

  • Cathy Rujanuruks - Director of Research Administration
  • Raellen Man - Departmental Research Associate (DRA)
  • Kayla Brown - Manager of Training & Compliance
  • Tsegaye Teshome - Senior Project Analyst
  • Leslie Cortez - Manager of the Clinical Trial Research Program
  • Alan Wagner - Lab Safety & Regulatory Coordinator
  • Peter Vittachi - DRA
  • Katie Lui - Assistant DRA
  • Graciela Rivera - Clinical Trial Fund Manager
  • Ross Divinagracia - Clinical Trial Regulatory Coordinator
  • Lisette Saucedo - Junior Clinical Trial Fund Manager
  • Mayara Bledsoe - Fund Manager
  • Dominique Gordon Starr - Fund Manager
  • Kat Hirayanagi - Fund Manager
  • Frank Munoz - Fund Manager
  • Ricky Singh - Fund Manager
  • Tiffany Yu - Fund Manager