Cultural North Star in Action Grants

Inaugural Class of Change Agents

Admin Wellness Leads

Administrative Staff Wellness Committee

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

The Department of Anesthesiology (DAPM) Administrative Staff Wellness Committee's proposal is focused on establishing a mentorship web for staff members who are Ad min Specialists (or below). The Committee consists of 5 pillars: Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), Work Life Integration/ Balance, and Environmental Wellness. In an effort to make things better, the committee seeks to cultivate an environment that encourages professional development for staff members. The committee also seeks to collaborate on well-being efforts for DAPM clinicians, ensuring it is a priority and wellness efforts are inclusive of the entire department.

Inside Treatment

Behavioral Wellness Center

DEl@BWC' s proposal expands on their prior work vetting wellness resources available in the greater Los Angeles community for their focus on wellness with a DEi lens, services offered, and the affordability and accessibility of these services for DGSOM students and housestaff. The team seeks to co-facilitate the production 11lnside Treatment," a six-part mini-series, filmed by the DEl@BWC team in 2022, in a series of workshops with DGSOM affinity group leaders to explore participants' experiences prior to and during training and to directly address stigmas associated with help-seeking. Immediately following each screening, a wellness practitioner based at the host studio will engage the group in an interactive practice to close the event with communal healing.

La Comunidad

La Vecindad

La Comunidad

La Comunidad, a UCLA Health group, has proposed addressing the need for increased representation of Latinx change agents by highlighting hidden talents in our DGSOM community. They seek to amplify the diverse voices of DGSOM community members outside of their respective departments and empower them to create outlets for culture building. La Vecindad will be a creative and unique platform comprised of virtual events hosted by LC. Speakers will be specifically selected to encourage our DGSOM Community to understand the value of their voice and power it has when you share it with the organization, embrace the underrepresented communities, and connect with our cultural roots.


Program Coordinator Leadership Committee

Graduate Medical Education

This proposal is designed to facilitate close collaboration between GME leadership and a cohort of the PCs. This reinforced collaboration will allow GME leadership to better advocate for the PCs, who are the backbone of the GME training programs. The aim is to create a Professional Development series and elevate the Annual GME PC Retreat to a day-long event that would serve to inspire, educate, and equip with opportunities for wellness and networking. The goal of garnering recognition for the PC community and ultimately increase the ability of the clinical departments to retain top talent eliminating the constant need to onboard and train new PCs.

Drawing Out DEI Group

Drawing Out DEI

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine + Department of Pediatrics

The primary goal of this joint proposal is to ensure the department members of pediatrics and pathology have awareness and knowledge of JEDI-related topics that will allow them to contribute to JEDI efforts and make impactful, sustainable change. The team hopes to ensure broader departmental awareness of and engagement in EDI efforts. They especially hope leaders, human resources personnel, and decision-makers will attend to build awareness of their roles and responsibility to improve JEDI efforts and inspire change.

Radical Healing

Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

The goal of this proposal is to bring an overview of a psychological framework of radical healing to the DGSOM community. This evidence-based theoretical framework promotes individual and collective healing from racial oppression. This proposal would allow the department to host a subject matter expert at Grand Rounds for a 90-minute interactive presentation. The team has an existing platform for registration and for hosting the event. Psychiatry Grand Rounds are open to anyone in the DGSOM community and beyond and typically attract a mix of trainees, staff, faculty, and community members.


Dept. of Psych Leads
Societas Group

Clinician Storytellers

Societas Ascendo

This student-led proposal aims to promote and showcase the practice of narrative medicine through monthly virtual learning workshops taught by experts (e.g. physician-writers, and narrative medicine professors) that can be accessed by all members of DGSOM's community, and establishing a DGSOM Journal of Narrative Medicine with an annual prize to incentivize submissions and attract inter-institutional engagement. The coalition brought together for this proposal, across class years and faculty, demonstrates the level of enthusiasm for a narrative medicine outlet at DGSOM. This initiative will implement meaningful change by building a community around narrative medicine for the first time at DGSOM.