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Mouse Physiology Lab

Dedicated to the phenotypic assessment of mouse and rat models of disease using a wide variety of integrative approaches including echocardiography, hemodynamics, surgical procedures, telemetric recording, autonomic nervous system, metabolic and exercise testing.

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Eukaryotic Protein Expression (EPEC)

Dedicated facility for the expression and purification of eukaryotic proteins. The equipment includes fermentors, high-capacity shaking incubators, high-pressure homogenizer and a suite of centrifuges. For further information contact Yousang Gwack or Jeff Abramson.

Cell Cultures

Cell Culture Labs

The Physiology Department Cell Culture Core was set up in 2007. For further information contact Yousang GwackBaljit S. Khakh or Bernard Ribalet.


Instrumentation Rooms

In addition to various core facilities, The Physiology Department houses two Instrumentation Rooms providing a centralized cluster of equipment for basic wet-lab research. The department maintains a suite of centrifuges, fluorescence plate reader, nano-drop, film developer and sonicator. For further information contact Sonal Srikant.