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Pre-Matriculation Steps

We understand there are many items to address as an admitted student! These Pre-Matriculation Steps are important to follow as a matriculating student. We will also notify you as we open additional pre-matriculation steps on your AMP portal. 

Please create your MyUCLA Account, complete your Statement of Intent to Register/Statement of Legal Residence, and review the additional information below.


  1. Create your MyUCLA account 

Previous UCLA students may logon directly to MyUCLA to complete this process. If you are new to UCLA, click Create UCLA Logon/Password under the “Sign In” box at MyUCLA. You will need your UCLA ID and date of birth to create your UCLA Logon. 

MyUCLA provides easily accessible, secure, real-time access to your financial and personal University records. The site is designed to walk you through the steps to access your records, from checking your billing account, changing address information or email address, to checking your registration status.  

MyUCLA is where you complete your SIR/SLR (Statement of Intent to Register/ Statement of Legal Residence). This is important to complete at your earliest convenience, as the SIR/SLR is necessary to complete before you can finalize your enrollment, apply for housing, and more. It is a non-binding step, just needed to move forward in the pre-matriculation process.




To help us process and coordinate your admission and financial aid status, please complete the online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) at MyUCLA

Please note:  The SIR and SLR are only available to you on MyUCLA once you have created an account and logged in.  

The SLR will ask you several questions to determine your residency for tuition purposes (in-state vs. out-of-state tuition). If you have any questions, you may contact the Campus Residence Deputy at

Both forms are required to process your matriculation to the School of Medicine. The SLR must be completed with the SIR, regardless of your tuition status.  



As a DGSOM student, you will be automatically enrolled in classes during the summer enrollment period. Enrollment is handled by DGSOM and not main campus Registrar’s Office. You will also be eligible to receive the UCLA Health BruinCard (UCLA’s photo I.D.). The UCLA BruinCard is a mandatory student identification card that is used to electronically confirm student status and eligibility for services.  


Billing for student charges occurs online via the consolidated BruinBill; an online statement accessed by students through MyUCLA. You can manage BruinBill at 24/7. To access BruinBill, go to and log on. Select the Finances and Jobs tab, then BruinBill from the menu under the BruinBill section.   

BruinBill records University charges and payments associated with registration, as well as service charges that are assessed to students. BruinBill accounts are administered electronically and all students are issued an account. You are strongly encouraged to check your BruinBill account balances on the first business day of each month after enrollment. Students will receive bi-monthly email reminders prior to payment deadlines. All charges (including registration fees) must be paid in full by the 20th of each month or the preceding workday if the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday. A $20 delinquent fee is assessed for any late payment. Also, if registration fees are not paid in full by the payment deadline, a $50 late fee is assessed. 

Note: The UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) fee is part of registration fees and is due at the time registration fees are paid. For information about waiving the UC SHIP fees, see



The Department of Education (ED) announced Wednesday November 15, 2023 that the 2024-2025 FAFSA will be available on December 31, 2023.

ED announced Jan. 30 that their original timeline of releasing FAFSA information to schools will be delayed. In the announcement, ED will begin to release FAFSA information to schools by mid-March. We anticipate that ED will release FAFSAs in batches which means we will be unable to issue PALs until the FAFSA information is received. We appreciate your patience as we await your FAFSA information. As soon as we are able to issue PALs we will do so and will communicate any updates to this timeline as new information/updates becomes available.

When our need-based application opens, we will send out communication with instructions on how to complete the required forms. We will share updates with you as new information becomes available. 



As a friendly reminder, the merit scholarship selection process is managed outside of our office. The DGSOM Scholarships Committee will convene in mid-Spring 2024 and make their determinations at that time. If you are selected as a recipient, our office will send you official communication. There is nothing further needed from you as all admitted DGSOM students are automatically in consideration for any of our merit scholarships!



You will receive your Preliminary Award Letter through email via our UCLA Applicant System. You will only be able to see your official award notification in your MyUCLA records in July, prior to matriculation. 

Come July, the DGSOM Financial Aid Office will be in contact regarding additional instructions for Financial Aid including loan processes.

If you receive financial aid, most financial aid funds are automatically credited to your BruinBill account prior to the beginning of the term. These funds pay your registration fees and other outstanding charges. The balance of any financial aid is distributed through your BruinBill account and is disbursed through BruinDirect, an electronic deposit process.

Sign up for BruinDirect as soon as possible. This can be done when accessing your BruinBill account. Your early sign up will allow ample time to coordinate the automatic deposit process with your bank so that your funds will be available as soon as they are disbursed to your BruinBill account. 


As more information becomes available, you will receive an email from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office with updates to the financial aid process at DGSOM. For questions, email or connect with the FAS Team 

Given the rich network of educational experiences at affiliate hospitals, community clinics and practices, all students at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA must have reliable transportation.

Absences due to a lack of reliable means of transportation will not be excused.  Any student not meeting the above requirement for transportation will be subject to administrative action at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and/or the Committee on Academic Standing, Progress and Promotion.

If you have a documented disability that may be the basis for an accommodation related to this policy, please contact the UCLA Center for Accessible Education (CAE) facilitates academic accommodations for students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities. Accommodations are designed to promote successful engagement in the UCLA academic experience.

Updating Name, Address and Contact Information

Prior to July 1, please record changes to your name, address or contact information through the AMCAS system.  Helpful instructions are available at

After July 1, please record your address or contact information directly with UCLA via MyUCLA.  For legal name changes after July 1, you will also need to complete and submit the “Legal Name Change or Correction” form to DGSOM, which can be found here: You will also need to update your legal name with UCLA Registrar’s Office following their instructions found here:


Preferred First Name

Students may request to use a preferred first name on their Medical Student HealthCare Identification Badge (BruinCard) and other student records. The term “preferred name” refers to a name that an individual wishes to use that differs from their legal name on certain DGSOM related records. A preferred first name can only be used in place of a student’s first name.

The University reserves the right to remove or deny the preferred first name request if inappropriately used. This includes, but is not limited to, names using foul or inappropriate language, names submitted to avoid a legal obligation, or to create misrepresentation.


How to Request a Preferred First Name at DGSOM

  1. Submit preferred first name request to the UCLA Registrar’s Office via MyUCLA.  Use the Settings tool to start the process.
  2. After approval by the UCLA Registrar’s Office (which may take up to three business days, or longer during high-volume periods) complete and submit the DGSOM Preferred First Name Request Form, along with a copy of the Preferred Name Approval auto email received from the main campus Registrar’s Office, to the Student Affairs Office via email at DGSOM Registrar.


Where will my preferred first name appear after the request is processed by the School of Medicine?

Your preferred first name may be reflected in the following areas, upon your request:

  • Class rosters
  • Medical student ID badges
  • Mednet email display name

Medical students (except Weyburn Terrace residents) are eligible for campus parking. To request parking, you will need to fill out the Parking Application Survey. The SAO will assign you a parking allotment, send you an email confirming your allotment and then you will need to purchase your ePermit online. For more information about how to request medical student parking on campus, please visit

If you are a resident in Weyburn Terrace, visit for more parking information. 

UCLA also has summer parking available for all students (except Weyburn Terrace residents) in structures 2, 3, 4, 7, Sunset Village, and Dykstra- De Neve without needing a parking allotment. Purchase online with the Bruin ePermit system


Login to AMP to complete these four early spring tasks:

  • BruinCard Application and Preferred First Name Request
  • HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training
  • Mednet Account Secret Word
  • UCLA Health Clearance/Immunization Requirements


Log into AMP to complete these steps: 

  • Computer Requirement and Encryption Policy
  • Confidentiality Statement Agreement
  • Copyright Notice Agreement
  • FERPA Information Release Agreement
  • Honor Code Agreement
  • School Policies Agreement
  • Statement on Diversity Agreement
  • Technical Standards Agreement
  • UCLA EHS Mandatory Online Trainings
  • University Communications Release
  • White Coat Information (SAO)
  • Infection Prevention & Antimicrobial Stewardship Physician Training
  • MD-CICARE Training
  • Radiation Safety: General Hazard Awareness Training


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