Dean's Office Travel & Training

Dean's Office units are provided annually with a travel & training budget. With the approval of unit leadership, Dean's Office employees may attend University-sponsored training. 

Book Your Travel

Some travel expenses, such as airfare, lodging, and registration fees, can be booked in advance so that you are not out of pocket for all of your travel expenses. As you book your travel, please note the expense reimbursement caps. and foreign travel caps. Conference fees, online courses, and professional memberships can be paid in advance; courses, tuition, and training outside a 50 mile radius of UCLA cannot. Exceptions apply for students.

All units are required to complete the Travel & Training Pre-Authorization Form prior to booking expenses for non-student travel and entertainment expenses greater than $300. This form must be submitted with your supervisor's signature when you submit your expenses for reimbursement in Concur.

To book your airfare and/or hotel in advance via UC Travel Center (UCTC) Agent Assisted Booking or UCLA Concur Online Booking, please see these instructions provided by UCLA Travel Accounting, Please remember to attach your Pre-Authorization Form to this request.

*Conference hotels at special rates cannot be booked via UCTC and will need to be paid out-of-pocket. Reimbursement can be requested after the conference has taken place.

To book your conference registration in advance, submit your request through the Procurement Portal, including the invoice/registration confirmation email, link to online registration page, and business justification explaining how your attendance will benefit UCLA.

Submit for Reimbursement

Travel and entertainment expenses can be submitted for reimbursement within UCLA guidelines for in Concur by the UCLA employee or a delegate. To find your Dean's Office Finance Concur approver, see the matrix here and reference the new user FAQs. Once approved by Dean's Office Finance, your request will be routed to UCLA Travel Accounting for final review and processing. This final step with UCLA Travel Accounting can take up to 10 business days. 

General Guidelines

  • Internet package deals that include a combination of travel expenses purchased together (such as airfare and lodging) will NOT be reimbursed.  The reason is that they do not breakdown the expenses and taxes as required by both the university and the IRS for reimbursement.
  • Traveler should only use coach/economy class fare. Doctor’s note is required for exceptions.
  • Upgrades such as class, seat, extra legroom, priority boarding and early check-in, etc. are NOT reimbursable.
  • Airfare can be prepaid using University funds by contacting the UCLA Travel Center, or submitting a request through Concur (the New Express System). Instructions can be found here.
  • Airfare purchased through the UCLA Travel Center includes traveler’s insurance.
  • Original receipt showing proof of payment.
  • Please note that insurance is ONLY allowed outside the continental U.S. UCLA has agreements established with the rental companies where car rental insurance is completely covered. Travelers or arrangers must book using the UCLA ID number to get the negotiated rate and decline all optional insurance. Cars may be booked through the UC Travel Center, online or via telephone direct to the rental agency.
  • Traveler should select an intermediate or smaller car.
  • Purchase of navigation devices and vehicle upgrades are NOT reimbursable.
  • Car rental contract rates can be found at Car Rental Contract Rates.

To be eligible for reimbursement, entertainment meals must meet the following conditions:

  • They must be a necessary and integral part of the business meeting (rather than a matter of personal convenience).
  • The purpose or nature of the event should be clearly stated on the reimbursement claim: fundraising events, donor cultivation, solicitation, faculty recruitment, guest speakers and student recruitment are all examples of appropriate entertainment circumstances.
  •  A guest list containing the name, title, and affiliation must be provided to establish the business relationship to the University of the participants being entertained. If all attendees are UCLA Employees please provide a justification as to why it was necessary to serve food.

An original itemized receipt showing proof of payment is required for reimbursement.

Tips should not exceed 20% of the meal costs. Anything greater than 20% is not reimbursable.

See Reimbursement Allowances for Mileage & Meals for allowance amounts related to entertainment meals (inclusive of labor, sales tax, delivery charges and other service fees).

Meals and light refreshments that are provided by an employer to its employees on a frequent or routine basis are treated by the IRS as taxable income and therefore are not reimbursable under University policy. The following guidelines should be followed in providing meals and light refreshments in connection with business meeting, entertainment event, or employee morale-building activity:

  • Meals should be limited to no more than once a month or twelve times per year, per group.
  • Light refreshments should be limited to no more than twice per month, per group.

The University may pay for or reimburse costs for meals or light refreshments associated with official employee morale-building and appreciation activities that serve a University business purpose. Examples of such occasions include a gathering to honor a departing employee who is retiring or who is separating from employment with the University after at least 5 years of service, employee recognition receptions, annual faculty/staff picnics, new employee receptions, and holiday gatherings.

  • Lodging is not reimbursable if the lodging site is within a 40-mile radius of the traveler’s residence or office.
  • An original itemized receipt is required showing proof of payment.
  • If lodging arrangements were made on a travel website (such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc.), the receipt must show the dates of travel, room rate, and taxes as separate line items.
  • If you are sharing a room, each roommate MUST pay for themselves. Everyone requesting reimbursement MUST submit their own separate receipts. In cases where only one original receipt is available, we will need a copy of the original receipt along with a signed note from the traveler stating this fact.
  • Daily domestic hotel rates are capped at $333 per night for trips within the lower 48 state, before taxes and other hotel fees. If the traveler is unable to secure lodging at $333 per night or less, the traveler must submit additional documentation such as price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting location that supports the higher lodging rate incurred. The price comparisons should be performed at the time of booking.
  • Lodging can be prepaid using University funds by contacting the UCLA Travel Center, or submitting a request through Concur (the New Express System). Instructions can be found at UCLA Concur QRG - Creating and Submitting a Request.
  • Airbnb for UC Traveler Guide can be found at UCLA Airbnb for Work.
  • Itemized meal receipts are required.
  • The maximum meal reimbursement is $79 per day.
  • Unless there is an overnight stay that is verified by a lodging receipt, Reimbursement for meals of a trip that is LESS THAN 24 hours in duration is NOT reimbursable.
  • Original receipt showing proof of payment.
  • Tips cannot exceed 20% of the transportation costs.
  • Travelers are advised to use taxis, shuttles or other relatively inexpensive methods for transport to and from the airport.
  • Private Car – Reimbursement for mileage on personal automobiles is only appropriate when the cost of the mileage is less than or equal to the cost of public transportation. The car used must be insured as prescribed by California law.