External Service Agreements                           

Departments providing fee-for-service activities within the DGSOM are required to sign an agreement with all external parties prior to performing services. UCLA Costing Policy has created the Short Form Services Agreement (SFSA), a standardized template, to be used by service units when entering into service agreements.  The DGSOM Controller's Office is responsible for coordinating the review and execution of all external service agreements within the school.



UCLA Delegation DA 155.68 authorizes the DGSOM Controller to execute external agreements on behalf of the Regents of the University of California. Departments are not authorized to execute agreements obligating the DGSOM under any circumstances. Departments must submit agreements to the DGSOM Controller's Office for review and execution.

Campus Review

The DGSOM uses campus SFSA as a template for all external service agreements. Additional review by campus Legal, Risk Management, TDG, Audit & Advisory Services, or Export Control may be required for departments who submit agreements with client requested edits to university standard Terms and Conditions or request to enter into an agreement using a client template. These requests require substantial additional time for processing depending on the level of review required.

Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest Pre-Screening Questionnaire is required to be completed by the service unit's director prior to submitting service agreements for review by the DGSOM Controller's Office. This questionnaire is included as part of the Sales and Service intake portal and is forwarded to campus Costing Policy Office to ensure compliance of Conflict of Interest policy.


Please contact DO Sales & Service, CFODocumentApproval@mednet.ucla.edu, for questions regarding these topics.