Sales and Service                    

The David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) engages in business enterprises that support the University’s mission and values that are known as Sales and Service Activities. Sales and Service Activities are subject to budget and rate setting review and approval by Business & Finance Solutions (BFS) and the Dean's Office in coordination by the DGSOM Controller's Team. Sales and Service activities do not include activities with specific rate setting mechanisms to include the medical center, hospitals, clinics and patient care.

The topics listed below outline the procedures and provide information on the establishment, operation, review, administration, and closure of Sales and Service Activities, as well as the processes to develop, request, and implement the appropriate rates for these activities. As defined in UCLA Policy 340, these activities include Sales and Service funds, Conference Funds, Business Contract funds, and related external agreements.


Service Centers

Sales and Service Activities established by a DGSOM department, whose primary purpose are to provide services to multiple internal and/or external customers, on a reoccurring basis, and customers are charged established rates for services rendered and goods delivered.

External Service Agreements

The Short Form Services Agreement (SFSA) is a standardized template used for contracting with DGSOMs external customers for the sale of services or products. The SFSA is used by DGSOM service centers to document the sale of standardized products or services to outside organizations at uniform, per-unit, and at established rates with necessary terms and conditions. The Dean's Office has designated authority to execute all external service agreements.

Conference Funds

Conferences are Other Sales Activities that are established by a DGSOM department which charge internal and/or external customers and does not fit the definition of a Service Center or Business Contract. Generally, these are department sponsored conferences and are governed by Sales and Service policy. 

Business Contracts

A Business Contract is a legally binding agreement that outlines the specific terms and conditions between the DGSOM and a single external customer for a specific Sales and Service Activity, for a limited time, and generally produce net income. Business Contracts are needed due to unique requirements that are not sufficiently covered in a Short Form Services Agreement (SFSA).


Please contact the Controller's team,, for questions regarding these topics.