Year-End Financial Reporting

The DGSOM Controller's Office monitors year-end activity on the general ledger and works with DGSOM departments and UCLA's Business & Financial Services (BFS) team to ensure all financial adjustments are accurately captured and reflected. Financial adjustments include, but are not limited to expense transfers, income and expense deferrals, and/or accruals and ICR budget adjustments. We support DGSOM end-of-year variance and analytical reporting.


Accruals/ Deferrals Reporting

The DGSOM Controller's Office provides annual guidance to departments to ensure that fiscal year-end financial adjustments are booked correctly in accordance with UCLA's Business & Financial Solutions (BFS) guidance.

CAO Certification

The DGSOM Controller's Office monitors and oversees school-wide compliance with department CAOs certification.


Please contact Annie Hwang,; Edgar Cisneros,; Bujin Dorj,; or Mollie Holt,; for questions regarding these topics.