Graduate Aspirations

What we aspire our graduates to be:

A COURAGEOUS physician welcomes uncertainty as a space for discovery, questions and challenges the world around them, and is unafraid to do what is difficult. They consistently seek out areas for growth, and are advocates for their patients, profession, science, and society. 

A CURIOUS physician always has the desire to ask “Why”. They are internally motivated to challenge assumptions, ask questions, seek creative answers, and to continuously improve knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

A DEDICATED physician has the passion to persevere towards long-term goals, is motivated by a strong sense of purpose and ownership, and embraces lifelong learning. 

An ETHICAL physician is honest, altruistic, and patient-centered. They are motivated by duty, integrity, social justice, and concern for the common good. 

A HUMBLE physician recognizes the honor of practicing medicine, helping others, and contributing to scientific knowledge. They accept the limits of their own knowledge and abilities, are willing to grow and change their own perspective, and are open to learning from others.

A HUMANISTIC physician values and strives to treat everyone with kindness, genuine compassion, empathy, and respect for their diverse background and values.

A REFLECTIVE physician is mindful, conscientious and adaptable. They are continuously examining themselves and their environment to improve medicine and health.

A RESILIENT physician purposefully works to strengthen their ability to cope with stress and challenging situations in healthy and productive ways, knows when to seek additional help, and has the resolve to grow in the face of adversity.