Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

The Student Elective Coordinator will contact medical students with scheduled rotations at Cedars with instructions to complete the onboarding requirements.

Students interested in clinical shadowing at Cedars-Sinai need to identify and obtain preliminary approval from the Cedars-Sinai faculty they wish to shadow. Once they have secured an opportunity, they will need to contact Academic Human Resources at (310) 423-7888 for a list of requirements, which must be submitted at least four weeks prior to their desired start date. Student shadowing opportunities will not exceed five consecutive days. Please contact the Medical Student Affairs Office at Cedars-Sinai for more information.

LA County DHS Facilities (Harbor, Mid Valley, MLK, and Olive View)

There are four steps to complete the on-boarding requirements for LA County DHS Facilities. The County's department coordinator will contact students prior to the start of the visit/rotation with guidance on completing these items.

  1. Live Scan (fingerprinting) Clearance
  2. EHS Online Application
  3. Health Clearance (E2 Form)
    • First-time rotating at LA County DHS or if it's been more than one year: Complete the Pre-placement E2 form (PDF)
    • Returning to LA County DHS within one year: Complete the Annual renewal E2 form
    • Note: if you sign the form yourself, you must provide your immunization records and proof of mask fitting
  4. ORCHID Training

Please see the site-specific packets for additional information, maps, required signatures, and FAQs:

Veterans Affairs

There are four steps to complete the on-boarding requirements for Veterans Affairs. Contact DGSOM compliance for more information.

  1. Complete On-boarding Packet (email compliance@mednet.ucla.edu for paperwork)
  2. Live Scan (fingerprinting) Clearance
  3. ID Badging
  4. CPRS Access

For more information on the on-boarding requirements for affiliated sites not listed above, contact DGSOM Compliance at compliance@mednet.ucla.edu.