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Researchers here redefine what is possible in patient care. They elucidate biological processes and solve medical mysteries, gaining the insights necessary to heal humankind—one breakthrough at a time.

Find the resources you need to fuel research regardless of your career level or line of inquiry.

Animal Research Committee (ARC)

The ARC administrative office works with the UCLA institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC), known locally as the Chancellor’s Animal Research Committee (ARC), to oversee the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing.
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Training Program in Translational Science (TPTS)

The CTSI Training Program in Translational Science (TPTS; formerly known as the UCLA K30 Program) was developed to provide clinicians with the necessary training to become successful patient-oriented investigators who can bridge molecular medicine and clinical research.

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UCLA CTSI ResearchGo

ResearchGO provides a single portal to resources, expertise, and best practices for investigators, study staff, and partners/affiliates.

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Schedule a Virtual Research Consultation

Have a research question? Library staff are available to consult with you at every stage of the research process.

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Support for Instructors

The UCLA Library provides a variety of services to assist instructors in inspiring student learning, research, and success.

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Clinical Trials Database

UCLA conducts research for a wide range of medical disorders and offers patients opportunities to participate in research and clinical trials.

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K Bridge Program

The K Bridge Program is specifically intended to help junior faculty who have submitted a NIH K award grant (mentored career development scientist award) and have received competitive scores on their proposal. This funding will support the faculty member and provide additional time for productivity as they strengthen their proposal for resubmission.

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R Bridge Awards (Junior Faculty)

The UCLA CTSI R Bridge Award is for highly qualified, new investigators who conduct interdisciplinary and translational research. These awards are specifically intended to help new investigators make the critical transition to independent NIH R01 funding, allowing those who have received competitive scores on their first R01 proposals to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to remain scientifically productive and strengthen their proposals for resubmission.

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High-impact and Team-based Science

In collaboration with the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), the DGSOM Research Themes and the IPH will focus the DGSOM Seed Grant Program on an effort to promote the assembly of new teams of scientists that are well-positioned to perform innovative, high-impact research and ultimately compete for large team science grants from federal agencies and private foundations.

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UCLA CTSI Grant Writing Resources

Funding search tools, grant-writing tips, and diversity statements.

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UCLA CTSI Grants Submission Unit

The Grants Submission Unit (GSU) supports the grant application process, with particular emphasis on large and complex grants. Tools and services may include provision of grant writing outlines and detailed checklists of required components, project management and multi-site coordination, review and editing of grant narrative for consistency, clarity and responsiveness to the FOA.

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K Workshop

K workshops are held several times a year to provide junior faculty with advice and feedback on their draft applications to increase their success with NIH K awards.

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R Workshop

R Award Workshops provide junior faculty with advice on how to leverage research conducted during a K award to obtain an R award. Workshops cover all the steps involved in preparing, writing and resubmitting an R award proposal.

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Grant Library

CTSI maintains a library of successful award applications. Sample application types include: F32, K01, K08, K23, K24, K99/R00, R01 and U54 applications plus NIH Biosketches (2015 version).

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Grant Studio

Approximately 4-6 weeks before grant submission deadlines, our experienced can faculty offer:

  • Independent review of PCORI, NIH U01, K- or R-level grant proposals
  • In-person feedback in a mock study section
  • Written and oral critiques plus suggestions for improving the grant

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Office of the Human Subject Research Protection Program

The Office of the Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP) is the administrative arm of the UCLA Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The OHRPP in partnership with the research community is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of participants in Human Research Projects conducted under the aegis of UCLA.

The OHRPP, which is a Division within the Office of Research Administration, provides the campus and the five UCLA Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) with professional guidance and administrative support.

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Register Your COVID Research Project

Registration of COVID-related research across UCLA Health/DGSOM will ensure that we have a complete picture of the landscape, helping to focus our efforts. Whether you need resources yet or not, let us know what you are working on and where you are in your processes.

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    • Request BSL3 Access for Live SARS-CoV-2 Virus Experiments
    • Requests for UCLA Health Resources
    • Requests for Funding

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UCLA Health Innovation

At UCLA, health innovation isn’t an afterthought or an add-on. It’s part of our history — and a key piece of our present and our future. UCLA has long been a leader in innovative health care delivery.

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Office of Educational Research

The Dean’s Office strongly encourages medical education research that drives continuous program improvement and supports the professional development of teaching faculty. At the same time, we must ensure that (1) such research does not impede or interfere with the DGSOM curriculum or with ongoing research and (2) is vetted for scientific rigor and human subjects protection.

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Young researchers starting in today's competitive environment need rigorous scientific training. The STAR Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is a unique curriculum designed for optimal training of physician-scientists.

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Dean's Office Physician-Scientist Leadership Academy

The Dean’s Physician-Scientist Leadership Academy is the DGSOM’s in-house program to develop holistic leadership competencies of the current and future generations of MD scientists.

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UCLA CTSI Programs

Junior Faculty Programs


K Program Director: Mitchell Wong, MD, PhD at

K Program Administrator: Lisa Chan at

» Support for Junior Faculty

To develop a novel strategy for promoting and supporting high-impact biomedical research, the W. M. Keck Foundation made a gift to the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) aimed at supporting junior faculty in the DGSOM and in other schools engaged in biomedical research at UCLA.

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