Resources for Human Genetics Research and the DGSOM Community

Providing cutting-edge resources and technologies helps the David Geffen School of Medicine continue a proud tradition of producing accomplished physician-scientists. This collection of resources enables scientific discovery and connections among world-renowned faculty who lead scientific and medical thought around the globe.

Researcher Resources

Research Safety

Many resources and services that support research safety have been developed by different groups at UCLA. Whether you are setting up a UCLA lab for the first time or checking in for the latest information, you’ll find all the information you need to conduct safe science on the Research Safety website.

Research Safety website

Research Cores

The UCLA Core Technology Centers provide state-of-the-art instrumentation and services. The cores' genetics resources include high throughput genotyping systems, mass spectrometers, next generation sequencing instruments, and more.

DNA Microarray Core

Location: Gonda 5554
Lead: Dr. Stanley Nelson
Phone: Departments of Pediatrics & Human Genetics (310) 267-1947

DNA Microarray Core Facility provides user access to DNA microarray and next generation sequencing technologies in order to permit individual labs to have access to broad-based genome-scale analytical tools.

UCLA Neurosciences Genomics Core (UNGC)

Location: Gonda 3554
Lead: Joseph DeYoung
Phone: (310) 825-2390

The UCLA Neurosciences Genomics Core (UNGC) is currently operating an Illumina BeadLab 1000 high throughput SNP genotyping system (iScan), a Sequenom MassArray Compact mass spec and and two Illumina HiSeq 2500 next generation sequencing instruments in the Gonda research facility on the UCLA campus. The UNGC is a not for profit academic resource available to researchers in the Southern California region and beyond. Directed by Dr. Nelson Freimer, the UNGC is committed to providing equivalent access to its members at all institutions.

Services include: DNA sequencing (Whole genome, RNASeq/whole transcriptome, snp discovery etc.); Custom snp genotyping using the high throughput Illumina GoldenGate and iSelect assays and with the Sequenom iPlex assay; Genotyping using all currently available Illumina Infinium whole genome chips; Gene expression using all currently available expression chips for human and mouse; Whole genome methylation using Illumina Meth-450 chips.

Cellular Bioenergetics Core

Location: 695 Charles E. Young Drive South
Phone: (310) 267-2741

The Seahorse Bioscience XF24-3 is a unique instrument that allows quantitation of cellular energetic pathways in cultured cells and isolated mitochondria in real time. The XF24-3 quantifies the activity of the two major energy-yielding pathways in the cell, mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis.

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