Advanced Research in Human Genetics Leads to Advanced Patient Care

The Department of Human Genetics at UCLA conducts research to leverage the human genome to improve health and delineate the molecular pathogenesis of human disease. Our genetic data analyses and laboratory experiments lead to patient-specific treatments and prevention strategies that save lives.

Research Areas

We cover a broad range of genetics research, including:

  • Basic research in model organisms
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Computational data analysis
  • Clinical genetics, including sequencing patient genomes 

Through our diverse research capabilities, we strengthen the genetic components of a variety of clinical and research initiatives around campus. Technologies, such as assays, developed in our labs translate directly to clinical applications. Clinical concerns, such as unknown patient mutations, feed into the list of questions our labs strive to answer.

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Research Goals

Our research initiatives aim to understand genetic disorders with more precision and specificity than ever. As both disruptive mutations and minor tweaks in certain genes can lead to disorders, we want to elucidate the exact constellation of genetic factors that determines someone's risk of disease. Our ultimate goal is understanding the connection between genotype and phenotype.

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