What is the Undiagnosed Diseases Network?

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The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) is an initiative to facilitate the diagnosis of conditions that have eluded diagnosis through the coordinated action of leading clinical and research centers.

We hope to solve medical mysteries through our national network and team science.


Your Stay at UCLA

UCLA Tiverton House

UCLA Tiverton House is a 100-room hotel designed to meet the needs of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center patients and their families, and is only a short walk from the UCLA campus. Patients accepted into the Undiagnosed Disease Netowrk will stay at the Tiverton House during the course of their clinical visit to the UCLA medical campus. The Tiverton House has made all of its amenities available to the Undiagnosed Disease Network, including: spacious rooms, wireless internet, breakfast, shuttle service, and much more!

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The UCLA Clinical and Translation Research Center (CTSI) specializes in using the latest knowledge and research to help create better health care and disease prevention. Patients accepted in the Undiagnosed Disease Network will be seen at the CTRC on the UCLA medical campus in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout their stay at the CTRC, patients will be seen by an extensive multidisciplinary team of specialists equipped with cutting edge health care tools to better help understand the unique circumstances surrounding each patient.

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