We are entering a new phase of the curriculum, in 2021, DGSOM launched a new medical school curriculum — DGSOM HEALS. We are excited that PRIME students will now participate in a cohort project during Discovery Year. In the Legacy Curriculum, the cohort project was started in the first year, students will now have approximately 8 months to participate in the cohort project during Discovery Year. 

Cohort 1: PRIME X-Mas Project

Cohort 2: Happy Feet

Cohort 4: Breaking the Chain

Cohort 5: Salud y Trabajo

Cohort 6: Optimist PRIME

Cohort 7: Project PEAK

PRIME-LA Cohort 7 on campus

Partnership in Empowerment, Advocacy, and Knowledge.

See project documentation

Cohort 8: EmpowerHer (PRIM8)

PRIME LA Cohort 8 med degree seeking student on campus

Empower young mothers in their journeys through true community engagement, helping to guide them through the many challenges they experience throughout their lives.

See project documentation