21st-century science takes a village

The biomedical challenges of the 21st Century will be solved by scientific communities – networks of scientists with common interests but diverse skills and expertise.

In order to align our research enterprise with this scientific landscape, The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has established six Research Themes to stimulate interaction between UCLA’s top scientists and clinicians. These outstanding researchers are dedicating their careers to the same problems but have historically had little interaction due to relics of 20th-century University organizational structure.

Under the umbrella of the Research Themes, UCLA scientists and clinicians are doing pioneering research for the benefit of humanity.

Explore the Research Theme Areas

The UCLA scientists and clinicians in these themes are expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and developing the next generation of treatments and cures in order to alleviate human suffering.

Includes over 400 members conducting basic and translational research and clinicians who provide state-of-the-art cancer care.
The UCLA Cardiovascular Research Theme's mission is to pioneer innovation and discovery to prevent, detect and cure cardiovascular diseases.
Born out of a joint mission of the UCLA Health System and DGSOM to collaboratively study and promote equitable health care.
70+ faculty members with the core mission of expanding our knowledge of immune regulation and developing novel disease therapies.
Aims to facilitate campus-wide interdisciplinary research in the field of metabolism involving basic, clinical and industry collaborations.
The UCLA Neuroscience Theme is well-situated in both clinical and basic science departments to maximize interdisciplinary approaches to studying the brain.
Campus-wide collaboration of scientific, academic, and medical disciplines to understand the links between human development, aging, and repair.