Future deserving Bruins are out there, let's work together to bring them in.

A group of pre med students in a teams based learning classroom. One writes on a whiteboard while the others watch.

As a DGSOM staff member, faculty member, or trainee you have many touch points with talented and deserving future Bruins, leaders, and world-changers. Learn about local opportunities and help get them involved.


An annual conference is hosted by UCLA GME and DGSOM EDI Offices for all med student training years with talks, panels, workshops, and mock interviews.

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Trainees, staff and faculty who are first in their families to attend college are linked together in families, with regular events, networking, and advocacy.

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Mentorship program between residents and UCLA MS1s, sponsored by DGSOM Student Affairs Office of Well-Being, with the goal to foster relationships.

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Additional Student Opportunities

Find opportunities that span all of UCLA, not just in the David Geffen School of Medicine. It's never too early to get young minds thinking about a future in STEM.

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Minority Association of Pre-Medical /Health Students (MAPS)

SNMA student group’s mentorship program for undergraduates.

Contact SNMA leadership: ucladrew.snma@gmail.com

UCLA Re-Application Program (RAP)

  • 11-month post-bac designed to assist promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds who were previously unsuccessful in gaining admission into a US Medical school.

Visit site: medschool.ucla.edu/education/pre-health-opportunities/ucla-re-application-program

UCLA/DREW Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

6-week summer enrichment program targeting educationally and financially disadvantaged community college students while also accepting a number of 4-year college students.

Visit site: medschool.ucla.edu/education/pre-health-opportunities/ucla-summer-health-professions-education-program

UCLA Pre-medical Enrichment Program (PREP)

PREP is a 6-week intensive summer program that provides pre-med students with the means to strengthen their ability and readiness to study medicine. Full participation in the PREP program allows participants to enhance their chances of being accepted to medical school and succeeding once there. PREP is designed to support students who have experienced social, economic, or educational disadvantages in their journey to medical education.

Visit site: medschool.ucla.edu/education/pre-health-opportunities/ucla-pre-medical-enrichment-program

UCLA Undergraduate Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

To create and administer innovative academic programs for first generation, low-income and students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education.

Visit site: aap.ucla.edu/about-aap/overview/

UCLA Undergraduate Academic Advancement Program: HIGH AIMS

Provides academic, career and mentoring support to AAP students who are interested in gaining admission to health profession school. It is also designed to provide them with effective strategies to be successful in gateway science courses. It is a cohort program that will admit and support students for two years. Students must be in their first or second undergraduate year. Students will be required to participate in internships, research, Saturday Career seminars, program meetings, community service activities and workshops.

Visit site: aap.ucla.edu/programs/high-aims/


Encompasses multiple programs that focus on community service, outreach, education, and empowerment in Los Angeles communities; pipeline programs include:

CDU Saturday Science Academy

Prepares underrepresented preschool through 12th-grade students for careers in Science and health care through an engaging curriculum and hands-on STEM activities K12 students involved in STEM projects.

    Contact: Eileen Forbes-Hill, Program Director
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/ssa

Young Black Scholars

Comprehensive college preparatory program for African American and other minority high school students. More than 30 workshops, programs, seminars, and conferences throughout the academic school year Workshops and one-on-one activities help scholars and parents prepare for college admissions and selection.

    Contact: Dr. Charles Flippen (CFlippen@mednet.ucla.edu) to support the annual YBS Medical Summit for high school students at Geffen Hall
    Visit site: https://www.100bmla.net/young-black-scholars

 UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH COURSE

Long Beach Polytechnic High School students in the Program of Additional Curricular Experience (PACE) magnet program for gifted students are selected through an application process to participate in CTSI-supported biomedical research Provides instructions in topics including statistics, ethics and human subject safety and regulations Students meet weekly with their assigned mentor at UCLA, Cedars-Sinai and Harbor-UCLA

    Visit site: https://ctsi.ucla.edu/news/item?item_id=275659

Mentors Empowering and Nurturing Through Education (M.E.N.T.E.)

The goal is to increase the number of underrepresented low-income high school students applying and enrolling into a four/ two-year university/college while helping them become well-rounded conscientious members of their community.

    Visit site: http://www.cpo.ucla.edu/cposa/education/mentors-empowering-and-nurturing-through-education/

Latinas Guiding Latinas

A non-Profit organization designed to provide K-12 students from the East Los Angeles and El Monte area with additional resources to develop their prospects for higher education.  Driven by the motto, “Education is the key…Unity is our strength,” we are determined to enhance college readiness, academic success, and personal growth for our mentees.

    Visit site: http://www.cpo.ucla.edu/cposa/education/latinas-guiding-latinas/


Medical preparation and education pipeline program designed to support low-income Latino and other URM students through their community college experience and transition to four-year universities and health professional programs. The program’s components include personal, academic, and leadership development; conference and research participation; and peer mentoring support Run by the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture (CESLAC) at UCLA Health, a leading research center in California provides reliable data on Latino health.

    Visit site: https://www.uclahealth.org/ceslac/medpep

 CDU Community Health Youth Advocates

The full-year academic program for high school students focusing on global and local health disparities Students receive a $1000 stipend Components include Community Health and Care Systems; Rites of Passage; Medical Simulations; and Clinical Internships.

    Contact: anthonyreyes@cdrewu.edu
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/chya

 CDU Los Angeles Pediatric Society (LAPS) Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program

Established in 1969 Students are selected to work under the supervision of healthcare educator/medical faculty at Martin Luther King Jr Shadow nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, lab technicians, and physicians.

    Contact: anthonyreyes@cdrewu.edu
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/laps

 UCLA Pre-Med Summer Scholar Program

One-week educational program (not in-residence) for high school students Medical guest speakers, hospital tours, Anesthesiologist round table, Pathology tour, IM resident forum, EM MD Q&A, Visit School of Dentistry, Bran mapping robotics, CPR training $1000 fee for the 6-day experience.

    Visit site: https://www.uclahealth.org/volunteer/pre-med-summer-scholar-westwood

 CDU Mobile STEM labs

The goal is to eliminate disparities in STEM by increasing the number of minority youth who successfully complete college in the STEM fields Engage in bench lab research.

    Contact: nthonyreyes@cdrewu.edu
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/mobilestemm
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/pha

CDU Opportunity Scholars Public Health Academy

10th-12th grade students interested in improving community health through public health professions Develop skills to prepare them for higher education and build networks within health professions. The paid 4-week summer program, internship, mentorship, tutoring, mental health course curriculum, SAT Preparation, and college preparation courses.

    Contact: alexiscabarga@cdrewu.edu

 Turner-UCLA Allied Health Internship

Provide learning opportunities for high school students in finding out more about careers in the entry-level, allied health professions One week-long summer internship program for students from under-resourced communities who express interest in learning about health care career opportunities Offer a range of shadowing opportunities from entry-level, clinical and administrative positions.

    Contact: communityengagement@mednet.ucla.edu
    Visit site: https://www.uclahealth.org/communityengagement/turner-ucla-program

 Allied Healthcare Careers Programs

UCLA Community Engagement team in partnership with UCLA Health Talent Acquisition to give presentations to high school students in underrepresented areas program offers education on career pathways in the healthcare fields to students across various high schools in Los Angeles County E.g. medical assistant, phlebotomy and EMT, to those that require higher level training such as occupational therapy, child life and social work.

    Visit site: https://www.uclahealth.org/communityengagement/allied-health-program

Family Medicine Bridging the Gap UCLA Pipeline Project

Mid Valley Comprehensive Health Center Family med residents go to high school classrooms monthly ~160 9th graders at Robert Fulton College Preparatory School in Van Nuys and Van Nuys High School (medical careers magnet program) Residents teach students about primary care and family medicine while helping them build leadership skills and plan for college. The program aims to increase the number of minority students who become family physicians and give back to their communities.

    Visit site: gouclafamilymed.org/family-medicine-bridging-gap/
    Program director: Yohualli B Anaya, MD, MPH

 CDU MedSimulations program

Provide underserved, under-resourced high school students of color with medical simulations training and clinical skills education.

    Contact: anthonyreyes@cdrewu.edu
    Visit site: https://www.cdrewu.edu/community/pipeline/medsims

 UCLA Physician Shadow Students

Unique 1-year longitudinal program at UCLA Medical Center for 6 URM high school students from Alliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy High School Sponsored by the Dept of Medicine and facilitated by the Medicine Chief Residents. Starts with a 3-day orientation during which the high school students are exposed to a variety of healthcare professions and tour the UCLA college, medical school, and hospital campuses.

    Contact: CurrentChiefs@mednet.ucla.edu

 UCLA Partnership for Progress Program (P4P)

King/Drew Medical Magnet High School Medical, Nursing or Dental student paired with high school student 5 sessions, monthly on Saturdays.

  • Meet your mentee
  • Project Santa Claus: Mentor-mentee volunteer
  • Applying to college and SAT prep. Free books
  • Clinical skills workshop
  • Community service presentation
  • Coordinators: Opemipo Akerele, Nabil Munshi, Erika Mae Bernardino

The BRUIN Experiment

Inspire a love of science in middle school students. Volunteers mentor middle-schoolers in the design of their very own science projects. These final projects are presented in the annual Bruin Experiment science fair held at UCLA and judged by UCLA professors and graduate students.

        Visit site:https://www.math.ucla.edu/ugrad/announcements/bruin-experiment-mentor-underprivileged-students-science
        Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/thebruinexperiment/


Encompasses multiple programs that focus on community service, outreach, education, and empowerment in Los Angeles communities; pipeline programs include: Youth Empowerment Program (YEP): Mentors Los Angeles youth at elementary schools

        Visit site: http://www.uclascope.org/youth-empowerment-program
        Contact: yep.scope@gmail.com

Pathways for Students Into Health Professions (PSHP): undergraduate training program geared toward pre-health students and their pathway into the health field

        Visit site: http://ucla-pshp.org/
        Contact: pshp@mednet.ucla.edu

The Glendale Learning Program (GLP)

Empowers students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School through tutoring and mentorship. The goal is to not only inspire students to gain the confidence to succeed academically but also to cultivate a lifelong love for learning. It is the program’s wish that its students are inspired to pursue higher education, and are knowledgeable of the career paths it can lead to.

        Visit site: https://glendalelearningprog.wixsite.com/uclaglptest

The program is not only curriculum-based, but includes topics such as mental health, puberty, feminism, and identity, Mentors teach from personal experience and through field trips throughout the year.
        Visit site: https://uclawyse.com

WYSE (Women and Youth Supporting Each Other)

Provides the resources and support necessary to empower young women to make confident and informed life decisions and community change. At two middle school sites, WYSE mentee-mentor pairs create long-lasting bonds of trust, respect, and friendship.

Casa Heiwa & Angelina Mentorship Program (CHAMPs)

Provides tutoring and mentorship for youth residents of the Echo Park community. The goal is to provide exposure to new opportunities and encourage their mentees to pursue secondary education.

        Visit site: https://champsatucla.wixsite.com/champsatucla




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Pre-Med & Pre-Health Guidance Appointments

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