Good science is safe science.

The Research Safety Office coordinates the administrative structure for basic science research safety in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Our mission is to help researchers understand the regulatory and compliance requirements for research at UCLA and to promote open communication about and adoption of safe laboratory practices.

This work is primarily achieved through the activities of the SOM Safety Committee and its members, the Department Safety Coordinators. Our committee is strongly oriented to the structure defined above, and we prioritize communication of updates from those groups. When needed, we develop tools or processes that support efficient satisfaction of compliance needs so our researchers can get back to the bench assured of their safety.

Governance structures at DGSOM

The SOM Safety Committee is chaired by the DGSOM Research Safety Director, comprised of Department Safety Coordinators, and represents the most comprehensive gathering of research safety stakeholders on campus, organized specifically for a DGSOM audience.

Responsible to their home departments and advised by the Research Safety Director, Department Safety Coordinators encourage the open communication of research safety and compliance updates to researchers in their home departments. They represent the interests of their departments to the school and work on projects that help achieve their department’s research safety and compliance goals. See resources for Department Safety Coordinators →

DSC roster

This chart diagrams relationships between campus leadership, policy oversight groups (Blue), and safety programs and services (green).

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Chart Author: Nancy Wayne, PhD, Professor & Associate Vice Chancellor for Research - Laboratory Safety

The Faculty-Led Committees review research protocols, create research policies and guidelines and work with corresponding safety programs. These committees are the PIs’ liaison to the campus and their advocate through all levels of regulation. The committees represent the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research. Learn more from RSAWA.

The Animal and Health & Safety Regulatory and Compliance Programs can be considered the operational arms of this structure. Researchers will interact directly with representatives from the safety programs during lab setup, research safety training, inspections, and safety consultations. Learn more from campus EH&S.

Director's Welcome

Erin Quinn, Director of Research Safety at DGSOM

Erin Quinn
Director, Research Safety

Many resources and services that support research safety have been developed by different groups at UCLA, and they are gathered here for the convenience of DGSOM Researchers.

Whether you are setting up a UCLA lab for the first time or checking in for the latest information, you’ll find that here.

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