Langston Holly, MD

Letter from the Chair

The University of California is unique in that it has adopted, since its beginnings in the 19th century, a model of shared governance between faculty and administration. This model, so frequently utilized in nonprofit corporations, is distinct in the academic setting. The purpose is to develop a means of shared decision-making in the delivery of the major products of a university- education, scholarship, and leadership.

The Faculty Executive Committee of the David Geffen School of Medicine takes its role in shared governance seriously. Our actions are reported to the Academic Senate of UCLA, and this body directly interacts with its counterpart representing faculty at the ten-campus University of California, working directly with the Regents to set policy. The FEC here at the School of Medicine is responsible for working with the administration to set educational policy, advance the research and clinical agendas, and to ensure that faculty are represented in decision-making across the School. Our initiatives, for this year, will be to work with administration to develop a Budget Committee, work with our subcommittees on policies of admission, education, and student promotion, to name just a few.

We welcome the active participation of faculty in all the professional series of the School, and look forward to your interaction with any of us sitting on the FEC.


What is the Faculty Executive Committee?

The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is the elected representative body of the Faculty of the School of Medicine. It functions as an arm of the Academic Senate and has specific responsibilities for the design and conduct of the academic program of courses and curriculum within the Medical School. In addition the Faculty, through the FEC, authorizes the promotion and graduation of students in the School and serves to advise the administration and the UCLA Academic Senate on questions of faculty welfare, academic priorities, and planning and budget allocations within the School of Medicine. Although the FEC formally represents the Senate Faculty, we consider it our responsibility to represent the interests of all faculty members of the School, without regard for their eligibility for Senate membership. Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 and are open to all members of the faculty. 

Members of the FEC are elected from and by the (nearly 2,000) Academic Senate members of the faculty of the School of Medicine and are expected to represent the interests of their faculty constituents.

The membership includes:

  • Four representatives from the Pre-clinical Sciences (3 year terms)
  • Three representatives from the Medical Sciences (3 year terms)
  • Three representatives from the Surgical Clinical Sciences (3 year terms),
  • One representative from the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
  • One additional faculty member who serves for two years as Chair of the FEC
  • One additional faculty member who serves for two years as Vice-chair

Additional members include:

  • Two Faculty members with a full-time appointment in the Health Sciences Clinical series
  • One graduate student from a program within the School of Medicine.
  • One medical student from each class within the School of Medicine.
  • The Dean (or a representative Associate Dean) of the School of Medicine


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