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Standing Committees of the Faculty Executive Committee

There shall be six standing committees:

  • The Admissions Oversight and Policy Committee
  • The Admissions Committee
  • The Committee on Academic Standing, Progress, and Promotion (CASPP)
  • The Medical Education Committee
  • The Medical Student Thesis Committee
  • The Volunteer Clinical Appointments and Promotions Committee

Appointment and Term of Service

  • The Chair and members of standing committees shall be appointed by the Faculty Executive Committee, with the exception of the Admissions Committee, where members are appointed by the FEC with input from the Dean for Admissions.
  • Standing committee members shall serve three-year terms, renewable with the consent of the Faculty Executive Committee, with the exception of the Admissions Committee, where the members may serve up to three five-year terms.
  • The Faculty Executive Committee Chair and Vice-Chair shall be exofficio members of all standing committees without vote.
  • The Dean of the DGSOM, or the Dean's designate, shall be an exofficio member of all standing committees without vote.
  • Standing committees may appoint ad hoc committees as necessary. Ad hoc committees shall disband on completion of their charge.

General Procedures

  • Standing committees shall submit Bylaws and Guidelines for approval to the Faculty Executive Committee. These shall be reviewed every three years and any changes referred to the Faculty Executive Committee for approval.
  • Standing committees shall circulate a meeting agenda and the previous meeting minutes to members at least one week prior to a meeting.
  • Standing committees shall submit and present an annual report to the Faculty Executive Committee. 
  • Standing committees shall present recommendations to the Faculty Executive Committee for approval. Recommendations shall be presented in writing to the Chair at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that they may be circulated to the Faculty Executive Committee member