Governance Subcommittee Roster 2023-2024

The Governance Subcommittee, a standing subcommittee of the FEC, shall conduct business as charged by the FEC of the DGSOM, itself subject to the rules and coordinating powers of the Board of Regents and the Academic Senate as may be applicable. On behalf of the faculty of the DGSOM, the Governance Subcommittee, hereafter referred to as GS, will provide interface with the Dean’s office to assess the standards, procedures, and funding that lead to faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion; the flow of funds from the healthcare system and all other sources that support faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion; the support and initiatives of the DGSOM viz. academic and research units; and the priorities regarding the utilizations of funds as they pertain to the education of students in the DGSOM.  The GS will review and report on the standards and procedures annually to the FEC, or more often as requested in writing by the FEC.  Furthermore, the specific activities of the GS will include submitting recommendations to support uniform standards for academic initiatives as they pertain to faculty and student development, and to submit recommendations to the FEC that will develop plans in response to those recommendations.


The By-Laws are available on BOX for all DGSOM faculty, staff and students. 

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