Though she was born in London, England, Sarah grew up in San Diego, CA. She studied Genetics at university, graduating with a Bachelors of Science from the University of California, Irvine, in June 2020. During her undergraduate studies, Sarah participated in research on the evolution of the Danaus plexippus genome, identifying several previously uncharacterized gene copy abnormalities in homeobox genes. After graduation, Sarah was hired as the first Genetic Counseling Coordinator/GCA for UCLA's Cancer Genetics team. In her three years with the Cancer Genetics team, she was an integral part of developing and expanding the program, greatly improving patient access to genetic counseling and testing. Through this work, she has become a passionate advocate for developing multidisciplinary workflows to ensure all patients who have genetic testing have the support of genetic counselors. She is proud to be a Bruin, and grateful for the opportunity to continue representing and learning at UCLA as a graduate student. Outside of genetics, Sarah enjoys reading, musical theater, Formula 1, and spending time with her cat, Hermione.

Department: Human Genetics