Postdoctoral Scholars

Dear Bioscience Faculty & Training Grant Directors,
The Bioscience Postdoctoral Affairs office will host UCLA Bio-Launch, a virtual recruitment event for prospective postdocs, on March 14-15, 2024. Please share widely with any bioscience faculty who would like to be connected with outstanding prospective postdocs.

About UCLA Bio-Launch:

  • Selected PhD applicants will be invited to participate in a 2-day virtual information and professional development event (March 14-15, 2024). 
  • Prospective postdocs will be asked to list faculty from our list of Bio-Launch mentors that they’re interested in speaking to. They will be matched with 1-3 Bio-Launch mentors for zoom-based informational interviews.
  • Virtual informational interviews are expected to occur during the post-event recruitment period (March 15-29, 2024). 
  • Postdocs will receive a contact list for all participating Bio-Launch mentors and faculty will receive a booklet of prospective profiles for every participant, including those you are not matched with.

If you’re interested in participating we ask you to sign up to be a Bio-Launch Mentor. 

Sign up by January 5, 2024:  Sign up to Participate & Recruit Postdocs 

You do not have to be currently hiring to participate.

Bio-Launch Mentors commit to…*

  • Providing faculty and lab profile information during the sign up process that we will host on our website.
  • Responding to the email request from your matched prospective postdocs.
  • Setting an informational interview at a mutually agreeable time during the recruitment period (March 15-29). Informational interviews are meant to be short, informal conversations (approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour) in which you and the prospective postdoc discuss research and training at UCLA. 

   *Participation in the virtual 2-day event is not required.
The Postdoctoral Affairs Office commits to…

  • Matching Bio-Launch mentors with 0-3 prospective postdoc participants based on area of discipline and research interests of participants.
  • Reminding the prospective postdocs to initiate the conversation and reach out to matched faculty to schedule a 1:1 virtual informational interview.
  • Hosting a virtual networking activity between faculty & postdocs on Friday, March 15 at 1:00-2:30pm that is optional to faculty but provides an informal opportunity to meet the entire Bio-Launch cohort.
  • Providing Bio-Launch mentors a booklet of all participating prospective postdocs at the end of the recruitment period (March 29).


 Please take a moment to look through our Faculty FAQs on the Bio-Launch website. You are also welcome to send any additional questions to Letty ( and Lynn (

Bio-Launch Website