Take the First Step

Map your actions to our guiding values

Incorporate CNS into:

  • Daily conversations
  • Emails and interactions
  • Decisions, big and small
  • Collaborations, within your team or across our organization

Make an individual pledge

Choose the pillars and share the action(s) you will take to bring CNS into your daily actions and interactions. Your commitment can inspire members of the DGSOM community to unite around our shared mission to heal humanity.

Make A Pledge

Try some Cultural North Star practices

  • Start team meetings by reading the Cultural North Star.
  • Take a Cultural North Star “time out” during crucial conversations.
  • Highlight the Cultural North Star throughout the recruitment and professional development process, such as in offers letters, interviews or awards.
  • Attend skill-building opportunities as they become available.

Recognize Someone

We all know those people who go above and beyond – who see a challenge as an opportunity, who remain kind and collaborative in the face of conflict, and who exemplify the Cultural North Star in their work, actions, and interactions. So take a moment to recognize them.

Grab a physical recognition card at one of our Cultural North Star recognition stands.

Recognize Someone

Join a Coffee with the Dean

Coffee with the Dean is an ongoing series of virtual sessions where 10 select members of the DGSOM community can engage in an open dialogue with Interim Dean Steven Dubinett on our culture, shared values, and diverse experiences.


Be a brand ambassador

  • Post the Cultural North Star flyer in your work/study space.
  • Set the Cultural North Star as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Participate in Cultural North Star training opportunities.
  • Wear your DGSOM Cultural North Star lanyard.

For Cultural North Star marketing assets, visit the Downloads page. 


Stories define us, actions change us

Small group at CNS event

"I look at the Cultural North Star pillars as a three-legged stool. I can measure my behavior against them at all times. When I’m writing an email, participating in a meeting or having a 1-1 conversation, I ask myself, ‘Am I Doing What’s Right, Making Things Better and Being Kind?’ It’s simple yet truly makes me a better employee and collaborator.”

Group talking at CNS event

"I have started using the Cultural North Star to address employee performance issues more directly, drawing on the principles that we are strongest when we show empathy and we have the courage to be honest. Even though those conversations are difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, they truly uphold the Cultural North Star pillar, Be Kind, by promoting direct feedback.”

Woman smiling at CNS event

"The Cultural North Star has reframed my thinking about how I approach challenges. I’m working on remaining curious and listening to understand when I encounter a difficult situation.”

Group of people at CNS event

"When team members have differences of opinions, I am encouraging them to continue to engage in dialogue even though they disagree. This has begun to change the culture in our group, moving away from gossip and inefficiency to a more transparent and productive model of communication.”

CNS event held in auditorium

"I have started referencing the Cultural North Star at the beginning of my recurring committee meetings, reminding everyone to hold themselves and others accountable. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way members of these committees interact when I use the Cultural North Star to set the stage.”