Community of Leaders

First-generation students accepted into UCLA PRIME Medical School Program

First-generation student graduating from the PRIME-LA program.

In our community, diversity is more than a buzzword

It’s the foundation for our clinical excellence.

Three doctors pictured at a UCLA Health day of solidarity with the BLM movement

Our community is made up of talented leaders who think deeply and work to combat inequities in healthcare, education, society, and most importantly, our own institution.

We’ve been working together to create a culture that is fully inclusive and that benefits from the excellence and experience of a diverse workforce and community. As a collective institution, our work is only just beginning, but that beginning makes us optimistic for a future filled with positive growth and also grateful for the continued support of every person in our community as we continue working as long as necessary to create the impact we need.

EDI conference break in Geffen Hall, participants walking up the stairs of the courtyard

Justice, Equity, and Diversity Inclusion

The core values of JEDI are inseparable from our institutional goals of excellence in all tenets of healthcare, research, education, and community engagement.

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Volunteers providing meals at the Venice Family Clinic

Community Engagement

Support for community-based research, service-learning, service delivery, education, and workforce development projects to advance our work in the community.

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Health, Equity, and Diversity Inclusion

Health, Equity, and Diversity Inclusion

At UCLA Health, we believe a diverse and inclusive health care workforce and environment results in better care, service and health outcomes for our patients.

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Aumni and Friends

Alumni and Friends

Funding, collaboration, and partnerships help us serve individuals and communities previously beyond our reach.

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Faculty Gender Overview

Progressing to structural change

Positive, sustainable, and authentic change; we value transparency as we make incremental progress.

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