MS in Genetic Counseling Program Tuition & Fees

To help you plan your education, here is a breakdown of the estimated cost for the two-year program for the Class of 2025. Note that certain expenses, such as the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP)*, room and board, books, transportation, and personal expenses, are not included and will vary depending on your living arrangement and lifestyle. California residency is another variable that will determine whether a student will be required to pay the Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition (NRST).

CA Resident Year 1
CA Resident Year 2
Non-Resident Year 1
CA Resident Year 2
Non-Resident Year 1
Non-Resident Year 2
Tuition $23,400.00 $23,400.00 $23,400.00
Fees $3,403.98 $3,403.98 $3,403.98
Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition (NRST) $0.00 $12,245.00 $24,490.00
Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) $42,717.00 $42,717.00 $42,717.00
Summer Fees $1,164.20 $1,164.20 $1,164.20
Total $70,685.18 $82,930.18 $95,175.18

Official rates for tuition and fees are posted by the Registrar's Office. Offical rates for summer tuition and fees are posted by UCLA Summer Sessions.

*If not waived, the cost for UC SHIP is $4,714.06 per year.

MS in Genetic Counseling Program Financial Assistance

All students enrolled in the program receive one of two forms of program-specific financial assistance. The amount of program-specific financial assistance is based on the award track:

  • Track A Award (merit): $14,500
  • Track B Award (merit & Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion): $45,000

The personal statement will be used to consider candidates for the Track B Award. Candidates offered an interview will receive specific details about the award tracks and other financial assistance opportunities.

Other financial assistance and fellowship opportunities at UCLA include Graduate Opportunity Fellowship Program to cover non-PDST tuition and fees in the first year, and Graduate Council Diversity Fellowship to cover non-PDST tuition and fees in the second year. UCLA students can also apply to Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Student Research positions. More information on financial aid can be found with the Division of Graduate Education.