Enhancing core training 

To meet the demand for continued learning of evolving POCUS concepts and technologies, we offer a selection of resources and support avenues to help our community remain dynamic in their practice.

Students posing with POCUS technology

Residency Academy 

Resident physicians in EM and IM will collaborate in their POCUS training with faculty from multiple EM and IM-based specialties. These physicians will also have opportunities to serve as mentors to students as well as to engage in scholarship with faculty. 

Faculty Development

A new 6-month faculty development program involving monthly sessions with opportunities for guided practice, as well as loaning of handheld ultrasounds for independent practice, is available for faculty interested in POCUS education.

USIG Faculty Lecture Series

In this lecture series hosted by the DGSOM USIG, faculty experts from multiple specialties discuss clinical applications of POCUS, share clinical success stories, and more.

POCUS Community

Our passionate community helps grow and spread collective practical and theoretical POCUS knowledge. 

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This asynchronous education platform includes several dozen POCUS modules developed by UCLA faculty and residents. The modules help to reinforce POCUS concepts, and may be completed in a one-time setting...

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Pocus in Focus (WIX)

This student-managed and owned website puts interactive learning side-by-side with anatomy and CT/MRI. 

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Medical students learn ultrasound concepts

POCUS Video Library

Introduction to Pulmonary Pocus

Introduction to Musculoskeletal Pocus

Introduction to Neuroanatomy of the Neck with POCUS