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A program focusing on leadership development

We are looking for outstanding individuals who will become dynamic physician advocates engaged in health careers and leadership in policy, research, administration, and clinical care that addresses the needs of underserved populations. 

Qualified candidates are evaluated using criteria that include experience with and commitment to, working with California and U.S. underserved populations as well as experience in leadership and advocacy roles. Additional review of the strength of the application will include the core objective criteria of GPAs and MCAT scores, a secondary application, letters of recommendation, and, for the final round of candidates structured, personal interviews.

cohort 11 chs

Students interested in any of the two PRIME-LA Programs should apply via AMCAS using the separate Program Code under PRIME-LA. Candidates may apply to either PRIME designations, PRIME-LA Westwood, or PRIME-LA CDU on their secondary application. All applicants are evaluated by an admissions subcommittee composed of faculty from both UCLA and CDU.