Recognizing Outstanding Colleagues 

Following a rigorous selection process with outstanding candidates, we are delighted to announce that we have finalized the selection of our DGSOM Educators for Excellence, a cadre of more than 40 accomplished and dedicated faculty teachers with expertise in small group facilitation and an outstanding track record of exceptional teaching. This program and group of faculty will be a transformative new element in our medical student education program.

In the academic year 2023-2024, the Clinical Educators for Excellence will lead the teaching of the practice of medicine in the Foundations of Practice course while working with small groups of students longitudinally (career coaching & clinical coaching). To learn more about the Educators for Excellence programs, contact the Director of Faculty Professional Development at 

Educators for Excellence Faculty Professional Development Sessions

Educators for Excellence meets regularly for two-hour faculty professional development sessions; the aims of these sessions are to:

  • Encourage faculty continuous learning & growth,
  • Prepare faculty for current & future work with medical students, and
  • Assist faculty in responding to practical problems related to teaching and learning.

Each faculty professional development session is led by a near-peer medical educator and includes time for both small-group and large-group discussions.  Topics for 2023-2024 include: 

  • Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator
  • Career Coaching & Clinical Coaching
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Longitudinal coaching of medical students
  • Teaching Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)