Neuroscience research

As of October 1, 2022: What you need to know

  1. The general COVID-19 Scientific Prioritization and Feasibility Committee (SPFC) concluded reviewing submissions.
  2. COVID-19 studies that use UCLA Health data and/or bio-specimens will follow the standard data and tissue request workflows.
  3. COVID-19 studies that meet the NIH definition of a Clinical Trial and require scientific review per Policy 916 will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) (
  4. All inpatient COVID clinical trials will continue to be reviewed by the COVID Clinical Trial Subcommittee (that now reports into the SRC) to ensure proper prioritization and resource management for studies that can be competing and overlapping.
  5. COVID studies that target the UCLA employee population should be discussed and receive approval from UCLA Occupational Health Leadership.

For questions around any of the above items, please send an email to