Medical school students walking into Geffen Hall

On August 26, Los Angeles Business Journal honored the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA with the “Educational Program of the Year” Award.

The award was presented at the Health Care Leadership Symposium & Awards, "which brought L.A.'s most elite industry officials together for a roundtable discussion on our region's health care system and businesses." The event "honored the leaders and teams running the healthcare organizations within Los Angeles that are making critical decisions to help improve our communities."

“In addition to becoming one of the most applied-to and selective medical schools in the country, its community has uncovered breakthrough discoveries that have changed the practice of medicine," shared Josh Schimmels, Publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

"Thank you to the Los Angeles Business Journal for this honor and the panelists for today's fascinating roundtable discussion," said Interim Dean Steven Dubinett, MD, who accepted the award. "I want to recognize our fellow nominees for all the great work that they do. It's an honor to accept this award for 'Educational Program of the Year' on behalf of the faculty, staff, trainees, and students of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA."

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