Abhinav Suri,Marie Luff, and David Zarrin

Three students at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA were selected to participate in the National Institutes of Health's Medical Research Scholars Program this summer. MD candidates Abhinav Suri,Marie Luff, and David Zarrin will conduct a 10 to 12-month research effort for their careers in biomedical research.

From the October 20 press release: "NIH Medical Research Scholars Program welcomes the 2023-2024 class"

NIH Medical Research Scholars Program welcomes the 2023-2024 class

The National Institutes of Health Medical Research Scholars Program (MRSP) class of 2023-2024 arrived at the NIH campus this summer for their MRSP fellowship and embarked upon a 10 to 12-month research experience.

The MRSP is for future clinician-scientists that advances health by inspiring careers in biomedical research. By engaging students in basic, clinical, or translational research investigations, offering a curriculum rich in didactics and professional development, and featuring a robust mentorship and advising program, MRSP prepares its Scholars to become leaders in medicine and biomedical research.

“The Medical Research Scholars Program is playing a critical role in increasing the talent and diversity of the biomedical research community in our nation. Our mission is to bring highly talented medical, dental, and veterinary students to the NIH for a year of dedicated research training, and immerse them in an environment that is rich in science, mentoring, and collaboration. From this experience, our Scholars enter clinical training inspired to seek careers as clinician-scientists, to turn discovery into health,” said Dr. Thomas R. Burklow, director of the MRSP.

The MRSP received 124 eligible applications for the 2023-2024 class. Upon review by a panel of NIH investigators, 87 applicants were interviewed.

After careful review and evaluation, the 2023-2024 class was finalized and consists of:

  • 52 medical school participants

  • 39 represented US accredited universities

  • 46 third-year and five second-year students, and one fourth-year student

  • 56% female participants

  • 17% participants from historically underrepresented populations

For the first time, the incoming MRSP scholars came to the NIH campus prior to starting their MRSP fellowship. They received guidance on identifying and securing their MRSP mentor, learned important steps for onboarding and arriving, and participated in NIH institute/center (IC) informational sessions in 15 different NIH ICs.