Dr. Bertholet was trained in Toulouse, France at the Université Paul Sabatier. She earned her B.S. in Cell Biology and Physiology, M.S. in Gene Cells and Development, and her Ph.D. in Biology, Health and Biotechnologies. Subsequently, she did her postdoctoral training with Dr. Yuiry Kirichok at UC San Francisco and is currently an Assistant Research Physiologist.

Her interest in mitochondria was sparked as a graduate student in the laboratory of Pr. Pascale Belenguer. During her Ph.D. research, she analyzed the influence of mitochondrial dynamics on neuronal maturation and functioning.

As a postdoctoral trainee, she focused on another important aspect of mitochondrial physiology – the transport of ions and metabolites across the mitochondrial membranes. In the Kirichok lab, she developed a patch-clamp method for directly measuring proton movement across the inner mitochondrial membrane. This innovation enabled Dr. Bertholet to identify novel transport mechanisms for the mitochondrial H+ leak responsible for mitochondrial heat production and metabolic regulation of energy expenditure.

Education and Degree(s)

  • BS, Cell Biology and Physiology
  • MS, Gene Cells and Development
  • PhD, Biology, Health and Biotechnologies


  • 2020: Young Bioenergeticist Award from Biophysical Society, United States.
  • 2019: Finalist, Earl Stadtman Investigators Search, NIH, United States.
  • 2019: Career Development Award from the American Heart Association, United States.
  • 2013: Postdoctoral grant, French-American exchange program, Philippe Foundation, United States.
  • 2012: Postdoctoral grant, French-American exchange program, Philippe Foundation, United States.
  • 2010: Graduate student fellowship, RETINA, France.
  • 2007: Doctoral Fellowship from the French Ministry of Research and Education, France.

Department: Physiology

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