Camille grew up around Monterey Bay in California. She attended Cabrillo College and transferred to UC Davis where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Genomics. Throughout college she supported students as a peer mentor and worked summers teaching kids how to creatively explore coding and science. At UC Davis, she volunteered for Alzheimer’s Buddies, a cause she holds close to her heart after watching her great aunt’s journey to a diagnosis. Inspired by growing up near the coast, Camille also worked in the UC Davis Genome Center developing techniques to grow and identify microbes that present key metabolic activities beneficial to coral. In addition to her research, she attended an onsite workshop at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which combined her love for genetics and outer space through the genomic analysis of microorganisms isolated from cleanrooms where the Viking and Mars Exploration Rover spacecraft were assembled. After graduating, she leaned into her passion for human genetics as a Genetic Counseling Assistant at Sutter Medical Center’s Cancer Risk Clinic, where she proudly served patients spanning the Solano and Sacramento areas. Camille is excited to continue growing within the rapidly evolving field of genetics and looks forward to exploring how her role can fit in advocating for underserved communities and improved genomic health equity. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sea glass hunting on the beach, and spending time with her pets.

Department: Human Genetics