I am a research professor in statistical genetics specializing in gene-mapping algorithms. My research interests include the development and application of algorithms to allow statistical analysis of large, complex pedigrees. Recently I have been most involved in several projects extending GWAS analysis tools, particularly for the analysis of rare variants, haplotypes, and family data. Another of my core interests is algorithm optimization, including recent GPU and MIC implementations. I am also heavily involved with applying gene-mapping algorithms. This makes sure that state-of-the-art algorithms are used in the community and that the needs of the community inform my algorithmic development. My recent gene-mapping application work includes breast cancer, obesity, Williams syndrome, migraine, Down syndrome, schizophrenia, corneal dystrophy, psoriasis, familial dyslipidemia, and congenital lipodystrophy. I have also mentored several pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scholars, all of whom now have successful careers, most in academia.

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