My name is Eric Eazy-E Yang, and I am from Sacramento, CA. I graduated from UC Davis in 2020 with a BS in Genetics and Genomics. During my undergraduate years I interned for Hmong Lifting Underserved Barriers Clinic where I was a Patient Advocate and Outreach Manager, with the opportunity to serve low-income communities with free healthcare services. During my gap years I was able to work at a non-profit organization, Hmong Youth and Parents United, as the Program Manager for the Health Equity Initiative team providing low-income and COVID-19 assistance to the Sacramento County residents. I have always had an interest in genetics since highschool and I have developed the passion to extend Genetic Counseling to underserved and underrepresented communities. I am excited to start my journey towards genetic counseling at the UCLA program where I look forward to working with a diverse staff, student body, and population. I strive to bring a new level of diversity to the genetic counseling field and to expand its usage in diverse communities. In my free time I love to go fishing, playing video games, and watching Sacramento Kings basketball.

Department: Human Genetics