Janet Sinsheimer is a Professor in the Departments of Human Genetics, Biomathematics, and Biostatistics. She has a ScB from Brown University in Chemstry, an MA from Brandeis University in Biochemistry, and an MS and PhD in Biomathematics from UCLA. Dr. Sinsheimer’s research is focused on developing and applying mathematical models of evolution and genetics. Her research program also involves the development and application of statistical methodology for mapping complex trait and disease genes. Her group has provided statistical methods for detecting disease genes acting through maternal-fetal genotype incompatibility and models to disentangle maternal genetic effects from environmental effects. In collaboration with Prof. Christina Palmer, Prof. Sinsheimer has worked on a number of research projects related to attitudes and knowledge regarding genetic testing.

Her research program involves the derivation and application of statistical techniques for mapping complex trait and disease genes. Most recently, her group has been working on omics applications that range from understanding the metabolomic and genetic signatures of non-alcoholic liver disease to characterizing the expression, epigenomic and microbiome data. She also collaborates on the statistical analysis for a variety of cancer-related, clinically-oriented projects ranging from the evaluation of the effectiveness of bilingual web-based cancer genetics education materials for the deaf to physician accessible cancer modeling software (BioSimulator). She was the Co-Director of the GATP for eight years.

Department: Human Genetics

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