Originally from Abbotsford, BC, Opharsh graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2021. Here, she received a Bachelor of Science degree where she majored in Biology. During her undergraduate studies, she volunteered with a local community center where she worked with immigrant women to help them adjust to the new country. As a behavior interventionist, she provided therapy for children with autism. She has also served as a math and science tutor for just over four years. After graduating, she spent the academic year of 2021-2022 working on the Muller F-Element project with the Genomics Education Partnership. Here, she worked with Drosophila species and annotated their genomes. Currently, she works with the Minority Genetic Professionals Network as a channel facilitator for South Asians. Here, she discusses topics related to inclusivity and diversity within the field of genetics and organizes social/virtual events. She is excited to join the Genetic Counseling program at UCLA and actively work towards increasing diversity and inclusivity within the field. She is looking forward to working with an amazing faculty to learn more about methods to tackle healthcare inequity and enhance genetic counseling services to minority populations. Fun fact, Opharsh is multilingual and her mother tongue is Punjabi.