Patrick Allard is an assistant professor in the Institute for Society & Genetics at UCLA. Dr. Allard received his BSc from University of Toulouse, France, and his MSc in Biology of Aging from University of Paris. He then completed his PhD degree in Biology from McGill University, Canada, and his postdoctoral fellowship position in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, before joining UCLA as Faculty in 2012. Dr Allard’s work resides at the intersection of genetics, epigenetics, developmental biology and environmental health. Specifically, his laboratory works on the development and use of transgenic in vivo reporters as well as stem cell-based assays that are reflective of reproductive and transgenerational impairments following exposure to environmental toxicants. His research focuses on the effect of environmental exposures on reproduction has been published in several high-profile journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), PLOS Genetics, Cell Reports, and Environmental Health Perspectives. Dr Allard has received multiple awards and grants including a Burroughs Wellcome Innovations in Regulatory Science Award and funding from NIEHS and NIAAA.

The research in the Allard lab focuses on combining genomics, genetic, and toxicological approaches to understand the impact of environmental exposures on the germline and how these impacts may have lasting health effects for several generations. To this aim, he is taking advantage of various innovative models and genetic tools detect chemical disruption of the germline chromatin and in particular of evolutionary conserved epigenetic marks such as histone modifications.



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