I studied biology and chemistry at Cornell University, where I also played varsity volleyball. As a student in the Schroeder Lab, I immediately loved doing research because the lab had the same competitive teamwork energy as the volleyball court, with the added benefit of solving real world problems. After graduating, I entered the Cell and Molecular Biology doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania, where I worked in the Wellen Lab studying cell metabolism in pancreatic cancer. In 2021, I started as a postdoc in the Christofk Lab at UCLA, where I continue to study tumor metabolism in pancreatic and liver cancer, with a focus on tissue homeostasis and tumor initiation.

My passion for working on diversity and inclusion initiatives and outreach was sparked during graduate school. I had meaningful experiences in student government learning not only how I personally can better support my peers from underrepresented minority groups, but also how intentionally creating inclusive departmental and university-wide policies can make a huge difference in students’ quality of life. Now, one of my overall career goals is to increase active allyship and advocacy in the academic community. Through actions big and small, each of us can have a role in building a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive department