Wendy Conlon, MS, CGC, is a genetic counselor board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and licensed in California. She received her MS in genetics from the University of Arizona’s genetic counseling program in 2000, and received her BA from the University of Vermont in 1988. Before attending graduate school, she worked in a laboratory at the University of Vermont Cancer Center and performed genetic testing for hereditary cancer predisposition for Lynch syndrome, retinoblastoma, Li-Fraumeni syndrome and others. Prior to coming to UCLA, her career as a genetic counselor has included over 12 years in the biotechnology industry working with physicians, scientists and patients in the development and provision of genetic testing, focusing on hereditary cancer and endocrinology. She has also worked as a clinical genetic counselor in varied settings, including adult cancer genetics, assisted reproductive technology and prenatal and preconception genetics.