Whether you are a new researcher or are beginning a new type of research, we look forward to working with you. If you are setting up your first UCLA lab, you will find many of the relevant resources listed on our site, including the what to do in the first section on this page. We also invite you to bookmark our safety resources page and view our FAQs for common issues.

If you already have an established lab but are starting work in a new regulatory category (e.g., Animal Research Subjects), you may also find these resources helpful. Links are organized according to the category on our safety resources page.

Please reach out to SOMSafety@mednet.ucla.edu at any point in the process for guidance. 

What to do first

To ensure the best possible workflow for administrative needs and to set up your lab as efficiently as possible, we encourage taking the following actions. Although you may not yet be at UCLA, there are a number of items you can complete remotely.


Get Access

If you have a UID, create a UCLA Logon ID and then create CITI Program Logon Credentials. Now you can register for the systems and resources identified here. If you do not already have a UID or UCLA email address but are eager to get started, contact us for guidance on what else can be accomplished prior to the beginning of your appointment and/or arrival on campus.


The EH&S Portal team was created to make starting a new lab or making changes to lab work easier on you. Contact labportal@ehs.ucla.edu to let them know you are a new PI and need consultation. Download and fill out the brief New PI Questionnaire so that the EH&S Representative can equip you with resources tailored for your work.


Contact campus Environment, Health, & Safety at labportal@ehs.ucla.edu and the School of Medicine Research Safety Office at SOMSafety@mednet.ucla.edu to schedule an onboarding consultation tailored to your research.

Create a Chemical Inventory

Download and fill out this Chemical Inventory Spreadsheet. Include what you will bring with you, what you plan to purchase, or both. Refer to the Chemical Inventory Template Instructions for more information.


Familiarize yourself with mandatory EH&S trainings using the Lab Safety Training Matrix. Begin online trainings.


To better understand how the different stakeholders in research safety relate to one another and to your work, we strongly suggest you review the Lab Safety Relationship Chart.


Your next steps by reviewing the following information about regulated research categories.

Resources By Category

We have gathered and organized helpful resources according to regulated research category, including information related to protocol application schedules, application form addenda, safety organizations, facilities, applications, and other resources.

Not sure whether or not you will need these resources? Review the guidance on the safety resources page.

See resources by category

Contacts for New Researchers

We’ve compiled a helpful list of persons and entities that can assist you in your work. For general to specific inquiries, the information here should provide you with good starting points.

For DGSOM Safety

For EH&S Portal

For Animals

For Biological Agents

For Chemicals

For Clinical Research

  • Starting a Clinical Trial through ResearchGo; (310) 794-8969
  • Investigator Support Services with Coordination Services & Education; Maggie Lindenbaum, Director, Studyactivation@mednet.ucla.edu
  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute; (310) 794-5263

For Human Subjects

For Lasers

  • Laser Registration, Training, Safety through EH&S Laser and Photobiological Safety; Matt Damron, Laser Safety Officer, mdamron@ehs.ucla.edu, (310) 825-0352

For Radioactive Materials