UCLA School of Medicine Policy

Criminal Background Checks for House Staff


To protect the UCLA Hospital System patients and employees.


Criminal background checks are required for all new house staff upon appointment to UCLA. House staff are defined as physicians enrolled in UCLA GMEC-approved training programs. UCLA postgraduate training enrollment is conditional upon successful completion of a criminal background check (clear report or a report acceptable to the institution). At the time of appointment and reappointment, house staff will complete the attestation questions. Possible actions resulting from a reportable incident may include termination of appointment, probation, suspension, and investigatory leave.


  1. All applicants will be notified that they must be fingerprinted by UCLA Medical Center Security.
  2. Applicants may be fingerprinted prior to their start date; after their start date they will be assigned a date and time.
  3. House staff must initiate the fingerprinting process no later than one month after the start of their initial appointment. If a house officer does not comply with this policy, he/she will be automatically suspended. Each training program coordinator will ensure compliance. The GME Office will provide oversight.
  4. Results of the background check are reported to Medical Center Human Resources, and they are submitted to the Graduate Medical Education Office. If the results have a reportable incident, an ad hoc committee to include the Program Director and the Chair, GMEC, will meet to determine the appropriate course of action.
  5. The involved house officer will be notified of a positive report as well as any actions to be taken.
  6. Included in the resident contract will be a questionnaire on arrests and convictions.
  7. See Academic Due Process policy for reviewable and non-reviewable actions.


Approved by the GMEC: 10/23/06