UCLA GME Evaluation and Records Policy

  1. A written evaluation of each house officer shall be made by the attending physician on each house officer's rotation(s). A written composite of all evaluations shall be made and a copy of the composite must be provided to the individual house officer. The house officer shall be given the opportunity to discuss their performance and the written composite with the program director at least annually or more often as necessary or requested. The house officer shall be notified within a reasonable time if an evaluation for a given rotation indicates unsatisfactory performance. Both annual and rotational evaluations shall be included in the house officer's records.
  2. The records of each house officer shall be maintained as confidential, and he consent of the individual shall be required before access is allowed to such records except where permitted or required by law, or where directly or routinely required in the administration of the training program. House Officers will receive a written composite of their evaluations and other administrative materials upon request and in accordance with applicable University policy. Evaluations of individual performance are part of the training evaluation and per Medical Staff policy, are maintained as confidential.
  3. Program advancement and appointment are not assured nor guaranteed to the resident, but are contingent upon the resident's satisfactory demonstration of progressive advancement in scholarship and continued professional growth. Unsatisfactory house staff evaluations can result in required remedial activities, temporary suspension from duties, or termination of appointment and residency education.