The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for fatigue mitigation and use of transportation rideshare program.


This policy applies to all UCLA-sponsored ACGME accredited residency and fellowship programs in all clinical learning environments.


Rideshare: A car service with which a person can use a smartphone app to arrange a ride in a usually privately owned vehicle.

Uber for Business: Rideshare business with whom UCLA contracts and pays for the cost of rides in accordance with this policy guidelines.


If a trainee is too fatigued to drive home safely at the end of a shift, then the trainee has the following options:

  1. Sleep in an available call room until able to drive safely.
  2. Utilize an app-based transportation service from the work site (hospital, clinic, etc.) following a shift to and from their verifiable home address.

UCLA GME has retained a corporate account with Uber for Business, an app-based ridesharing services that trainees may use as described in item 2 above. Trainees may also pay out of pocket for app-based rideshare transportation but must submit both receipts (to home and return trip to the work site) to the GME office within 30 days of the travel date to receive reimbursement for the entire cost. Trainees must abide by the guidelines in addition to those provided in Article 36 (Transportation) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • The corporate account is to be used for the most economical rideshare option available.
  • Trainees may not use the corporate rideshare account for regular transportation to work in accordance with IRS and UCLA Accounting regulations.
  • Trainees may not use the corporate rideshare preemptively for transportation to a work site and then back home.
  • The corporate rideshare option is available for use from any training site to and from a verifiable home address. Home addresses are verified in the MedHub residency management system. The corporate rideshare service may not be used for transportation to the house of a friend/family member/significant other.
  • Tips will not be reimbursed.
  • This service must NOT be used as a regular mode of transportation.


Trainees that are unable to use the corporate rideshare application and choose to pay out of pocket, or were required to do so due to technical issues, may submit a copy of the ride receipt email from the rideshare service provider to GME@mednet.ucla.edu within 30 days of the transaction.




ACGME Common Program Requirements- VI.D. Fatigue Mitigation


Effective Date: 6/1/2018